At the Digital Banking Summit, Accra, Ghana ,Mainstreet Microfinance  Bank Limited was recognized in the person of her MD/CEO-Adegoke Akinola Adegbami who was there as a Speaker and a Panelist. He was awarded a Digital Innovation & Excellence Award 2019 as the “Best Microfinance CEO”.

Adegoke is a strong believer in driving the banking business digitally and so after his assumption as the MD/CEO of Mainstreet Microfinance Bank Limited, he ensured that various technological innovations were introduced into the operations of the bank. he is not stopping at that, he has since then been a crusader in the Microfinance Bank Space preaching the digital transformation of the industry.

Many thanks to the organizers of the Summit,to ICSA, the Judges, Financial Inclusion Community, Friends and Mainstreet Microfinance Bank Family. To God be the glory.

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