Main Treasure Note

Main Treasure Note is a Naira denominated debt note of Mainstreet Microfinance Bank Limited which is open to Investors (Individual or Corporate) with a minimum tenor of 12 months. It is an attractive investment option for individuals – salary earners or entrepreneurs, small scale enterprises, associations, cooperative societies, religious bodies, employee schemes amongst several others. Interest is competitive, payable quarterly or backend. The minimum investment threshold is N5, 000,000.00 (Five Million naira only)

In view of its competitive returns, Main Treasure Note is suitable for investors who seek;

  •  Short to medium term investment horizon
  •  Low risk investment and capital preservation
  • Liquidity and regular stream of income.
Documents Required
  • Duly Completed Application Form
  • Passport photograph & valid means of identification of the investor
  • Certificate of Incorporation (for corporate investors)
  • Signatory Mandate
  • BVN of Signatories


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1.1 Main Treasure Note (MTN) is an Investment Product known as Fixed Term Investment (FTI) opened in Mainstreet Microfinance Bank Limited (hereinafter referred to as the Bank) in line with the Product Offerings, launched by the Bank. The interest to be paid on the investment depends on the Face Value (FV) of the Note subject to applicable terms and conditions set by the Bank and the Regulatory Authorities

 1.2 The Investment Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement shall be construed in line with the Product Offering as shall be offered to the investors whom shall be natural or juristic persons according to law (hereinafter the Investment Holder) invests a certain amount of money as an investment into the Main Treasure Note (MTN) with the Bank (hereinafter the Investment Amount). It shall be the obligation of the bank to pay as at when due in line with the product terms and conditions the accrued interest on such investment or to pay back on demand the invested amount at maturity subject to the  investment holder’s instruction.


2.1 The Bank shall set forth the terms and conditions of the product offering prior to each offer, which determine the preconditions of opening an investment account within the framework of the offer as well as the terms and conditions for concluding the Agreement (hereinafter the Offer Conditions).

 2.2 With the Offer Conditions, the Bank establishes, inter alia, the minimum Investment Amount, the minimum volume of the offer, the Tenor of the Agreement (hereinafter the Investment Period), the Investment Period – i.e. the investment settlement date and maturity date, the guaranteed interest rate and the basis for calculation and paying  additional interest (if any)

2.3 The exact amount of the approximate rates and values indicated in the Offer Conditions as range shall be specified by the Bank upon confirmation of the offer.

2.4 Any rights and obligations related to the Offer Conditions shall only arise upon confirmation of the corresponding offer by the Bank.


 3.1 The Bank shall conclude Agreements for opening investment within the framework of the corresponding offer during the Subscription Period set forth in the Offer Conditions.

3.2 By signing the Agreement, the Investor shall accept the Offer Conditions established for the corresponding offer. The Offer Conditions shall form an integral part to the Agreement. In issues not regulated by the Agreement, the Bank and the Investor shall be governed by the General Terms and Conditions of the Bank and the Terms and Conditions of the Savings / Current Account Agreement.

3.3 Upon conclusion of the Agreement, the Bank shall reserve in the Investor’s Investment/savings/current account specified in the Agreement (hereinafter the Investment/Savings/Current Account) the Investment Amount and the amount of other payments stipulated in the Offer Conditions. The Investor shall ensure availability of sufficient funds in the Investment/Savings/Current Account for debiting the Investment Amount and other payments stipulated in the Offer Conditions at the end of the Subscription Period. The Agreement shall be deemed terminated, if the funds in the Investment/Savings/Current Account are insufficient on the established date.

3.5 The Bank shall have the right to cancel the offer and the Offer Conditions and withdraw, without giving an advance notice, from the Agreements concluded within the framework of the offer, if:

 3.5.2 during the Subscription Period, extraordinary events or circumstances occur or become known, which, according to the Bank’s professional judgement, render the established Offer Conditions materially unreasonable in the given market situation;

 3.5.3 Other basis for cancellation, specified in the corresponding Offer Conditions occur.

3.6 In case of cancellation of the offer, the Bank shall immediately release the amounts from reservation made in the Investment/Savings/Current Account for the investment deposit within the framework of the offer. With cancellation of the reservation, the Agreement shall be deemed terminated.


4.1 Upon confirmation of the offer, the Bank shall open the investment account to the Investor and transfer, on the investment settlement date specified in the Offer Conditions, the Investment Amount reserved in the Savings/Current Account to the investment account. Investment can also be made via cheque or electronic transfers

4.2 It is not possible to make additional payments to the Investment during the Deposit Period.

4.3 On the investment maturity date, the Bank shall return the investment Amount by transferring the Investment Amount and the interest calculated thereon but not paid out by the maturity date on the same to the Savings/Current Account of the Investor in any Nigerian Bank so nominated

4.4 Premature termination of investment is not allowed.


 5.1 The Bank shall calculate and pay interest to the Investor on the Investment Amount according to the Offer Conditions.

5.2 The Bank shall pay the interest to the Savings/Current Account upon the arrival of the maturity date of the deposit, unless otherwise specified in the Offer Conditions.

 5.2.1 If the law stipulates that interest must be paid out more frequently than set out in clause.

 5.2. but interest cannot be calculated and paid out in such a manner on the basis of the Offer Conditions, the Bank shall make interest payments according to the period stipulated by law on the day that corresponds to the date the Agreement entered into force and the last interest payment on the expiry date of the investment. The Bank shall establish the rate of such interest at its own discretion. Rates are subject to change.


Terms and Conditions

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